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Ice Skating

Get Ready for a Day Full of Fun at the Ice Rink!


Ice skating is one of the best winter activities that the whole family can enjoy. If you are looking for the best ice skating rink in Istanbul, the answer is Swissôtel the Bosphorus. Mark your calendar for a day full of fun and come by the ice rink at Swissôtel the Bosphorus with your loved ones! Let’s have a closer look at what a day in the ice rink offers for everyone in the family.


The ice rink at Swissôtel the Bosphorus stands out amongst all the other ice skate rinks in Istanbul with its unique atmosphere. Whether you are a skilled ice skater or a beginner, an amazing day awaits you on the ice rink. If you are looking for the best place for ice skating for beginners, we’ve got you covered! Our instructors are here to help you and make sure you are safe while having fun on the rink.

Experience One of the Best Winter Activities in Istanbul


Ice skating is not a common winter activity in Istanbul, but it sure is one of the fun things to do in Istanbul in winter. However, Swissôtel the Bosphorus is always a success in bringing Swiss culture to Istanbul and harmonizing it with Turkish culture. Nothing changes when it comes to bringing a traditional part of winter fun in Switzerland. You can enjoy ice skating

combined with a delicious menu and the perfect ambiance at the heart of Istanbul!


When you want to take a little break from skating or feel hungry, our cafeteria is at your service.Hot dogs, hamburgers, and french fries along with more traditional Turkish delicacies such as sucuk (a spicy sausage) and meatballs on the white bread are on our special menu. If you have a sweet tooth, a chocolate brownie with a cappuccino is the perfect option for you. Glühwein is an integral part of the ice skating experience in nearly every European country and it also is at Swissôtel the Bosphorus! Other drink options on the menu include, espresso, sahlep, beer, and a traditional winter drink hot chocolate for the kids and grown-ups. Don’t go home without stopping by at the cafeteria for a delicious break!


Don’t Forget to Share Your Beautiful Memories with Loved Ones


Ice skating in Istanbul will feel like something out of a fairy tale at the Swissôtel the Bosphorus. Sharing the fun-filled moments on the ice rink with your loved ones will make them even more precious. Don’t forget to take photos and videos with your family and friends both on and off the ice rink to remember the fun and share on social media. You may have never tried ice skating before but falling in love with it is so easy! Turn ice skating into a habit for the whole family and enjoy it throughout the winter at Swissôtel the Bosphorus. You can enjoy your day without worrying about hygiene thanks to our carefully disinfected ice rink and skates.

Become the Master of the Ice Rink with Skating Lessons


If you are searching for ice skating lessons in Istanbul, the right address is Swissôtel the Bosphorus. You will not need any additional equipment to skate on the track, where you can take one-on-one lessons with our instructors. The stakes are carefully disinfected after each use for your safety. All you need to do is listen to the ice skating tips our instructors share and follow them. We offer three types of ice skating lessons, you can choose a course with 4, 8 or 12 training sessions. Our instructors are experts in their field, and they will be with you at all times keeping you safe by preventing unwanted situations. Of course, you can also visit the ice rink without the special training sessions.


Our ice rink is calling you for an unforgettable day with your loved ones on the ice, full of laughter! You can enjoy ice skating every day between 12:00 and 22:00 until March at Swissôtel the Bosphorus.


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