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Madhu's Restaurant

The Best Indian Restaurant in Istanbul: Madhu’s

There are some foods that you have to experience at the right place to truly get the sense of them. Sometimes, this holds for the entire cuisine. One of those cuisines that has a great impact all around the world is Indian cuisine. Millions love Indian food, Indian culture, and traditions. Now, the right place for this unique experience in Istanbul is Madhu’s!

Istanbul is one of the greatest cities in the world; in each corner of the city, a different gem is hidden, waiting to be found. As a cosmopolitan city, Istanbul is a mirror of the world’s cultures. You can discover dishes from several cuisines in Istanbul. Whatever you’re looking for, you can be sure that Istanbul can offer the best in the world. Swissôtel the Bosphorus is now ready to give you the best Indian food in Istanbul! Shall we get a closer look at Madhu’s?

United Kingdom’s Award-Winning Restaurant in Istanbul

Madhu’s is one of the leading fine dining Indian restaurants not just in the UK but also all around the world. Madhu’s has been serving customers for four generations. For nearly a hundred years, Madhu’s has been expertly combining traditional Indian food with modern strokes. Thanks to its great success, Madhu’s is widely popular in London and the world. With its worldwide awards proving its quality, Madhu’s caters to the British Royal Family, too. It is known for getting the best feedback during important occasions and ceremonies for the Royals, celebrities, and other dignitaries. Now, Istanbul has its own Madhu’s at Swissôtel the Bosphorus!

While opening the first Madhu’s restaurant in Turkey, Madhu’s is promising an unforgettable experience for its guests. First of all, it will take your breath away with its architectural details; Buddha will welcome you into a new world at the entrance. We have a spacious garden where you can feel the light breeze coming from the Bosphorus. Fascinating design and atmosphere will capture you at once, offering both authenticity and comfort.

Don’t Forget These Signature Dishes You Must Try

There is no doubt that Madhu’s will be the number one restaurant when you are wondering “what the best Indian restaurant near me is”. The menu consists of secret family recipes as well as traditional Indian food. The first dish you must taste is Nyamah Choma. As the signature food of Madhu’s, marinated with pepper and lemon prime rack of lamb, Nyamah Choma is the must-try item on the menu.

Other items on the menu include delicious dishes full of Indian herbs and spices such as “Punjabi Samosas”; filled with tamarind chutney sauce and Robata Chops; lambchop marinated with ginger and traditional herbs. Masaledar Kuku, a special chicken thigh cooked in a sweet sauce with traditional aromatic herbs, and traditional “Punjabi” Indian dumplings filled with spicy potatoes and peas, can be found on the menu. If you are a sweet tooth, don’t forget to try our signature dessert, Gajar Ka Halwa Baklawa, a unique mixture of traditional Turkish baklava with Indian cuisine. An elegant food presentation showcasing the best of Indian culture and cuisine and specially designed tableware will enhance your experience at Madhu’s.

Special Benefits Awaiting You at Madhu’s

Madhu’s menu carries an eclectic wine list with an extensive choice of cocktails, and drinks, making dining at Madhu’s a unique gastronomic experience. Our architecturally impressive wine cellar offers wines from a vast selection of vineyards, with almost 300 different wines. Along with our magnificent wine cellar, we have the biggest humidor in Turkey for creating an all-around heavenly night. You can choose a cigar from our large selection of cigars and cigarettes. Moreover, you can rent a space in our humidor and entrust the special humidification and maintenance operations of your cigars to us by our expert staff. For more information about the humidor, please don’t hesitate to call us at the number below.

For larger groups such as business dinners or small parties; we welcome you into our special area. We can host up to 14 guests with your maitre d’hotel and staff in waiting for a great night in Istanbul. Please call us to get more information and make a reservation.

A Night to Remember at Madhu’s!

At Madhu’s, not only the dishes and drinks will be unforgettable but also the night will become one to remember for the rest of your life. Besides the best Indian food in Istanbul, Madhu’s will add color to your visit to Istanbul. An unforgettable experience awaits you with activities that will create both visual and auditory feasts.

Madhu’s will help you experience the nightlife in Istanbul in the most delicious way possible. During the night, Madhu’s will turn into one of the best nightlife venues in Istanbul with its high-quality shows. You can dance the night away by immersing yourself in the rhythm of Ethnic House and Organic House.

There is More: Indian Food Catering

Destination weddings are becoming more common around the world. Istanbul is a popular wedding destination among Indians and there is nothing better to feel at home during your Istanbul wedding than Madhu’s special wedding catering! Madhu’s passion for excellence continues in the catering services, as a well-known caterer to royals and celebrities around the world. Madhu’s expert staff will assist you in arranging what structure and how extravagant you wish for your wedding menu to be.

What is more, Swissôtel the Bosphorus is the right address for an exclusive and elegant wedding in Istanbul. You can have the wedding of your dreams, here at Swissôtel the Bosphorus with Madhu’s amazing dishes and drinks. Check our all-inclusive wedding packages in Istanbul, Swissôtel the Bosphorus!

Make Your Reservations Now!

Group Executive Chef Amardeep Anand, widely known and a successful chef in fine dining, is leading the amazing kitchen staff to prepare the most delicious Indian food in Istanbul for you! Madhu’s menu brings traditional Indian recipes and modern world cuisine together for an unforgettable gastronomic experience. When you think of Istanbul Indian restaurants, Madhu’s will be the first, bringing you other authentic flavors from around the world.

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Closed on Sundays.

Service hours: 5 P.M. –  2 A.M.

Food Service: 5 P.M.  – 11P.M.

Every day of the week DJ performances: 8 PM. – 11 PM.

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday Dance Shows 8 PM. – 11 PM.

Phone Number: +90 549 326 80 05

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Madhu's Restaurant
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Phone: +90 549 326 80 05
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