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Henna Night

How about blending the traditional Turkish henna night culture with unique comfort and giving your loved ones and relatives a perfect experience on your most special day? In that case, you can choose the henna night options organized with Swissôtel’s unique comfort and service approach, and ensure that all the details are unforgettable while stepping into happiness!

The Road to Happiness with Swissôtel Quality

Marriage is undoubtedly one of the most special turning points in your life. For this reason, everyone takes great care to take all the steps on the road to marriage completely and perfectly. If you want to gain unforgettable memories that you can remember for a lifetime and to make your marriage even more fabulous for both your spouse and loved ones, you can choose Swissôtel quality; You can organize your henna nights in Swissôtel ball and invitation rooms. With special event options, you can make the henna night of your dreams come true, present your wife with an extremely special night that she will remember for years, and clinch your happiness.

Hall Opportunity Suitable for All Styles

Swissôtel offers you venue options such as Fuji, Asuka, and Swiss Living Terrace for your henna night events. Invitations and ballrooms, which are carefully arranged so that you can realize the henna night organization of your dreams, also make it easier for you to apply different concepts. By choosing the Fuji invitation hall, you can have your henna night in a formal, elegant, and elegant concept. You can organize catering at your henna nights in the Asuka invitation and ballroom, and if you choose the Swiss Living Terrace, you can enjoy the ambiance of a terrace with a pool. You can revive the indispensable traditions of Turkish culture with the invitation and ballrooms waiting for you at Swissôtel Sultanpark, or you can organize an event in line with the most up-to-date and popular trends.

Rich Catering Options Worthy of Your Guests

Henna night events held in Swissôtel ball and reception halls also stand out with their ambitious catering options. At the invitation you will organize, you can serve unlimited local drinks, nuts, and olives to your guests for one hour, thus appealing to your guests’ tastes. At the same time, if you wish, you can choose the open buffet dinner service accompanied by unlimited local drinks and turn your henna night into a unique feast. You can make your henna night an unforgettable feast with foods suitable for every taste and high-quality drinks prepared by the experienced staff of Swissôtel, and you can crown the road to marriage with unique tastes. You can contact us now to get information about Swissôtel’s special henna night salon and event options, to get offers, and to make a reservation.

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